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Posted :5/26/2011

I woke up a lot that night, but not really from pain – more because of the awkward position I was sleeping in. Finally, around 8:30, I decided to get out of bed and get going. I took my surgical cap off and looked at my head for the first time. I saw the little grafts I’d become so familiar with on this website – I was excited.

I had breakfast and headed over to the office to receive instructions. I met Mike again and he removed my bandages and took some more pictures. He showed me how to clean the area, and gave me really explicit instructions. Dr. Rahal came in to examine the surgical site and was happy with it. I was ready to head back home.

The pain I had on the day of the surgery was gone for the most part. I didn’t even have discomfort. I needed no pain-killers. The only meds I was taking were the anti-biotic, my Arnica, and my Avodart. I also kept the recipient area moist with some saline given to me by Dr. Rahal.

I was finally in my own bed, but still in that awkward position, thus didn’t have the best sleep.

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post-op-day-1 - let waiting game begin

Let the waiting game begin!

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