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Posted :5/29/2011

I may have to wait until the next business day until I get pics from the surgery and Post-op Day 1.My donor area is healing nicely, and the swelling is continuing to come down.My recipient area looks about the same. Now that I have pics, you can see that Dr. Rahal grafted less and less follicles towards the back to protect me against future loss. Looking at it in photos for the first time makes me wonder if he left too large a gap. But I know he shaved the native hairs back there and grafted around them, so hopefully when it's all said and done It'll be what I am looking for. Excuse the shininess of the photos. I didn't use a flash, but the Vitamin E oil on the recipient area and the Polysporin on the donor area reflect the light in the room.

post-op-day-4 - a view top. you can see decreasing

A view from the top. You can see the decreasing density towards the back of my head. I can't really imagine what it will look like when it's all said and done at this point, but I trust Dr. Rahal will provide me with a good cosmetic result.

post-op-day-4 - here is donor area healing nicely.

Here is the donor area healing nicely. Hairs are growing quickly and covering it up. Four days in, it is still rather pink as one would expect.

post-op-day-4 - a view recipient area back. you can

A view of the recipient area from the back. You can see the miniaturized hairs at the back part of the vertex that I will realistically eventually lose. This is why it was important for Dr. Rahal not to transplant all the way back and leave me with an odd looking crown later.

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