hadenuf's - Profile page Post-op-Day-6

Posted :5/31/2011

I figured I would save pics for a "1 week post-op" session tomorrow. Hairs are growing and my donor area is slowly fading away. I went out under a hat for the first time yesterday - felt great! Dr. Rahal's instructions say you can leave his office in a hat, but I was way too paranoid. I didn't want to risk anything touching the recipient area, even accidentally, for the first few days. Yesterday and today I managed to fit the cap so it didn't touch the donor area and finally got some errands done!On another exciting note, tomorrow is the last day that I have to drizzle vitamin E oil on the recipient area! Definitely the most tedious post-op thing I've had to do so far.Dr. Rahal has a strict no touching grafts for two weeks policy, so I won't be able to massage my scalp quite yet. Looking forward to it though. Look for pics tomorrow!