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Posted :10/24/2011

Hey Everyone!
I just had my second FUE procedure with Dr. Rahal. This time it was 1614 FUE grafts, with most going in to my hairline and about 150 into an under-grafted area of my crown from my last procedure.
This time I knew what to expect in terms of the actual procedure and immediately post-op, but I didn't go in to his office thinking we'd be taking so many grafts!
I definitely did not want to be aggressive with my hairline. I'm not overly self-conscious of it, but I just wanted it to frame my face a bit better.
My crown has been growing in nicely for the last five months. In fact, most of the staff were surprised that it had only been that long. But as you'll see from the photo below, the grafted area stops way too high leaving about an inch of bald spot, which was still too much for me. I showed Dr. Rahal my area of concern, and he agreed to put in a couple hundred grafts into the area.
I only have 2 weeks off work. Hopefully that'll be enough time to recover and get a decent haircut!

procedure-2-pre-op - area crown to be filled

Area of crown to be filled

procedure-2-pre-op - close up left

Close up of the left

procedure-2-pre-op - close up right

Close up of the right

procedure-2-pre-op - heres bit zoomed out area my

Here's a bit of a zoomed out area of my left side.