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Posted :10/31/2011

First week has gone by pretty quickly this time around. As mentioned, the only dreadful parts about the first week for me is 1) The drippy, sticky vitamin E oil and 2) the ban on physical activity.
The grafts have been pretty stable. Haven't noticed any falling out and no large scabs really developed. The donor area has been healing steadily with my twice daily application of Polysporin. I get the occasional twinge of pain, but it settles within minutes and has not required any painkillers. Swelling has been gone for a few days - I plan on sleeping flat tonight.
Sitting around all day has been pretty boring, but I'm pretty much pain-free and following the regimen very carefully. I found a person in Toronto who specializes in cutting hair post-transplant. I'm going to try and see him Saturday (the last possible day before starting work) to see what he can do with my hair - especially the back - before starting again.

session-2-week-1 - ive gotta figure out how to cut

I've gotta figure out how to cut my hair to go back to work on Monday!

session-2-week-1 - front - glad to see no big scabs

Front - glad to see no big scabs have developed like the first time around.

session-2-week-1 - right side

Right side

session-2-week-1 - left side

Left side

session-2-week-1 - crown - the area never really developed

Crown - The area never really developed any scabs. Nice and clean all week