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Posted :6/8/2011

I finally touched my recipient area for the first time this morning! I very lightly massaged it under the shower and a ton of scabs happily came off! I was reluctant to put my head directly under the shower today, but I brought a jug with me into the shower to fill up and pour slowly on my scalp.In the last week, I began taking MSM and finished my antibiotic. Today is the first day that I can stop putting polysporin on the donor area and began applying 5% minoxidil liquid to the recipient area.I'm looking forward to sleeping directly on my pillow case tonight and not the towel I've been using to catch the polysporin goo I've been putting on my donor site! 

week-2-post-op - lower light - makes it look bit more

Lower light - makes it look a bit more dense.

week-2-post-op - most scabs are gone except that stubborn

Most scabs are gone except that stubborn one in the middle. I'm not going to do anything different with it though. I'll let it fall off when it's ready.

week-2-post-op - donor area - much less pink.

Donor area - much less pink.