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Posted :7/13/2009

Had surgery today.  My main pic is my pre-surgery picture.  I have included a post op pic today as well.  bandages still on but you can see what was done.  looks good.  went in at 7:30am filled out some paperwork got checked out and was ready to go.  Everybody in the office was great.  Put on some music, took some anti-biotics and a valium and was ready to go.  The pain was minimal, barely noticeable (for me anyway).  I was in the office until almost 4pm but watched a couple of movies, had lunch brought to me, and just relaxed.  Overall I was very pleased with the procedure, now the hard part...waiting for the results.
I was given anti-biotics to take home, something to help me sleep and a prescription for pain.  I was also given instructions on when/how to wash hair and car for my hair.  Again, a great experience with Dr. Siporin and his great staff, they made me feel very comfortable.  I am scheduled to go back in 7 days to take sutures out and will also use laser to help healing. 

1-hr-post-surgery - pre-op. night before surgery.

pre-op. night before surgery.

1-hr-post-surgery - 1 hour post surgery. still have

1 hour post surgery. still have bandages but will post again when i take them off. looks good.