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Posted :5/22/2016

It has been exactly one month since my HT procedure.  I know not to expect any growth yet, but it is nice that i'm not as "lacking" in hair as I was after my 2nd procedure.  It's not a ton, but definitely more to work with up front with my last surgery with Dr. Meshkin.  I think i'll be able to ditch the hats sooner this time around.  The scar is healing well, all scabs are long gone, now just playing the waiting game.  I know it'll still be a few months until I see any growth, but i'll just be happy to let the hair i currently have grow out and lose the hats.  I don't feel like I'll be obsessed with watching my growth as I was last time.  we'll see I guess. (all photos just out of shower, with flash…I'll keep them like this consistently each month)

1-month - right side

right side

1-month - left side

left side

1-month - front