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Posted :4/30/2016

It's been one week.  I decided to shave down my head to make it easier to apply the witch hazel/neosporin to my donor area scar and also easier to apply saline solution spray that I am using to recipient area as well…plus it just looks better then having half my head shaved and the rest long.  Not much else to report.  No pain.  I can see a little more scabbing on the left side where I was lacking more from the last HT.  I know a lot of the hair i see now will fall out over the coming weeks, which is a bummer, but looking forward to the progress.  I'm adding one picture with flash and one without for reference.I go back to see Dr. Meshkin next week for a check-up.

1-week - no flash

no flash

1-week - with flash

with flash