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Posted :9/10/2015

almost to the year mark. I haven't really noticed much difference in a few months. A little bit lately but still the bulk of the growth seems to have been done by 6-7 months. I'm still very happy with my results but I think I was expecting more. I was hoping to leave concealer behind but I'm not st that place yet.  I've already been planning one more transplant next year with Dr. Meshkin. Im hoping that one more procedure of 1500 grafts will finally let me leave the concealer behind. We'll see what the next few months hold. I won't be able to afford another procedure until after a full 18-months anyway so hopefully I'll see some additional growth between now and then. In person my hair seems to be more "see-through" than in pics, especially in direct sunlight.  I know it will never look like it did in my 20's but I am still hoping for more density.  

11-months - right side

Right side

11-months - front


11-months - left side

Left side