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Posted :7/14/2009

Started to have a little pain last night, not too bad, but took my pain medication just to be safe.  It was hard for me to fall asleep in an elevated position as i am not used to it and was up for a while.  I eventually took a sleeping pill and did fall asleep then.  I put a towel on my pillow because of the bleeding.  There was definitely some blood but it wasn't too bad.  I went to bed very early as i was extremely tired.  not sure if it was my body's reaction to the surgery or just how early i woke up the day before.  I felt a bit nauseous before I went to  bed, not sure if it was the medication or possible ate some bad chicken.  Felt a bit nauseous when I woke up too but went back to sleep for a couple more hours and then ate some cereal and now feel much better.  I am now going to take my anti-biotics and 1 pain pill (although the pain isn't too bad but i want to be safe).  I'm also about to take my first shower post surgery. 

1st-day-post-surgery - 1st day post surgery with no

1st day post surgery with no bandages. I feel a slight bit of swelling but not too bad. I did put some ice on my eyes and forehead earlier.

1st-day-post-surgery - heres pic sutures in back.

Here's a pic of the sutures in back. I have not showered yet so you can see some of the blood that had dripped down while i slept. I'll post more later when it's cleaned up. overall everything feels good.