henry_chinaski's - Profile page 2-Month-Update

Posted :12/10/2014

Not much change, which is expected.  I have had one pimple so maybe some growth will be coming.  My last HT took about 3 months to see any sprouting so I'm expecting that here too.  The hair I have in front is from my last hair transplant and what I had left (which wasn't much).  The scar is still pretty noticeable as I have kept my hair short on the sides for now.  I've been wearing a hat to work so not a big deal.  This time has passed so slowly, I hope getting to month 3 doesn't seem as long.  I feel that if I let my hair grow for a few more weeks i'll be able to lose the hat and use some concealer in front until the hairs start to come through.

2-month-update - front


right side a little thin from first procedure

2-month-update - left side pretty thin too.

left side pretty thin too.