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Posted :10/26/2014

It's only been 2 weeks but it seems much longer.  I went in for a post op visit with Dr. Meshkin at his office in Atwater Village and he took care of my stitches, cleaned up the remaining scabs and took a few pictures.  The whole visit lasted about 5 minutes and then I was on my way.  He said he would check up on me every couple of months to see how things were progressing.  When I got home I decided to buzz cut my hair, I knew the scars would be more visible but I was sick of having the front of my head shaved and having a comb forward.  I took #3 clippers to the top and a #2 to the sides.  The scars were bigger than I thought, but I'm only two weeks out so plenty of time to fade.  I'll most likely keep wearing a hat to work for a while.  I know I have a lot of waiting in front of me but at least the process is moving along. 

Front after 2 weeks. Redness to be expected.

Scar on right is a bit smaller than left side.

2-weeks - this side scar is longer cants see fully

This side scar is longer, cant's see fully here. the scar is more noticeable than it seems in these pics. It's pretty bad but again to be expected only 2 weeks out from surgery.