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Posted :9/13/2009

It's been exactly 2 months since my hair transplant procedure.  Still no progress but that is exactly what I expected at this point.  I'm hoping next month there will be some (small) growth in the HT area but for now I just continue to go to Dr. Siporin's office twice a week for the laser treatment, I also continue to take generic propecia (finax) daily and also am applying rogaine foam twice daily to the crown area of my scalp (no transplant in that area).  The picture taken today is without any concealer, just out of the shower with no flash.  Still shows very thin in front, still some redness at receipant area (that seems to come more when i first get out of shower and then dissapates later, I think it's because I have very dry skin).  As Tom Petty said, "the waiting is the hardest part" but I'm hoping to see at least SOME peach fuzz at least by next month.  Keeping my fingers crossed and will continue to keep up with the propecia, rogaine and laser treatment.

2-months-post-ht - 2 months post op

2 months post op

2-months-post-ht - 1 month post ht

1 month post HT

2-months-post-ht - 1 day post op

1 day post op