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Posted :10/11/2014

Slept better than I thought.  The nurse supplied me the a thin "beanie" to put over my bandages and dressings.  It protected the grafts and wound very well so I didn't worry about it while I was sleeping.  I slept slightly elevated and had no problems.  I took one pain pill and a xanax before bed.  Had to wake up once in the night about 6 hours later to take another pain pill but the pain wasn't severe, but wanted to get ahead of it just in case.  I ended up sleeping for about 10 hours, I think my body needed it.  I took the bandages off carefully and sprayed the saline solution on my grafts as instructed (and am continuing to do that every hour, again as instructed).  I haven't really seen much of the donor area as it is mostly hidden from my hair, which is still decently long, but the graft area looks pretty gnarly (pics included).  I had a few errands to run but for the most part of just staying home and relaxing, drinking a lot of water and keeping the graft area moist with the saline solution.  I will take my first shower tomorrow and wash my hair as instructed (with the special shampoo I received from Dr. Meshkin).  So far, so good.  The pain is not bad, I feel a little out of it but that's to be expected.  I look forward to getting the next 2 weeks over with, because once the scabs from the grafts are gone and the sutures are out  I can just concentrate on the waiting for the hair to grow.  I know from my first experience that it's a long process but at least the journey has begun.  I feel that since I already have more hair from the first transplant that this process will go easier the 2nd time, but only time will tell.

2nd-ht-day-one-post-surgery - another look after taking

another look after taking wrappings and donor bandages off

2nd-ht-day-one-post-surgery - first look after taking

first look after taking wrappings off the graft area, still had bandage on donor area.

2nd-ht-day-one-post-surgery - the back donor area...hard

The back donor area...hard to see with all the hair I still have, will try to get another pic after showering.