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Posted :10/10/2014

So today I went in for my 2nd Hair Transplant.  My first was 4 years ago with Dr. Kenneth Siporin (who recently passed away).  Today my surgeon was Dr. Michael Meshkin.  My appointment was at 10am in his office in Newport Beach, quite a drive from my home in Hollywood, but luckily the traffic was not terrible since my wife drove me and we were able to use the car pool lanes.  I arrived early and filled out the paperwork, made my payment via credit card, and was shown to the surgery room.  It was a small, well lit room but had everything they needed.  I was given a valium and another pill (that I've forgotten) and then met with Dr. Meshkin.  He was very thorough and professional, we took some pictures pre-surgery and then he asked if wanted my hair trimmed in the graft area...I like that there was a choice, but I asked which was better for him to do the best job and having my hair buzzed was best.  It would be great if I could have kept more hair in front to hide the transplant, but ultimately it's all about getting the best results so I'll live with a buzz cut in front and try the old comb-over to the front.  I was given an IV (I hate needles and was more stressed about that then the HT if you can believe that), but soon after felt fine.  after shaving the donor area I lay on my stomach and the surgery started.  It was a weird feeling to have the skin cut off the back of my head, felt very tight, but no real pain at all.  I was given shots to all areas of my head and scalp and never really felt any pain.  Anytime I felt even a slight pinch I would tell the doctor and he would make sure I was given any shot in the area for the pain.  After the donor area was removed, I got on my back and the doctor started on the incisions for my grafts.  He was very meticulous and asked how I normally style my hair and showed me exactly where he was going to put the grafts and why.  He also explained why he used the donor area that he chose and mentioned that my lack of density from the first transplant might have had something to do with the area the grafts were taken from, as it wasn't the ideal match or density for the look I am trying to achieve.  Once the incisions were made I waited a short time and then the nurses came in and started to place the grafts.  Again they were meticulous and I felt very comfortable with everything that was happening.  I mostly just listened to my iPod and zoned out, but they were a great help and answered any questions I had while they were placing the grafts.The Transplant was complete by 3pm (a total of about 5 hours).  The nurse gave me the full list of instructions and explained them thoroughly.  All in all the day was a complete success...now I just have to wait to see the results, but so far I am very happy with my choice of Dr. Meshkin and his staff.I go back to meet with Dr. Meshkin in 2-weeks to get my sutures out.  The next appt. is in Glendale which is much closer to my home so I am very happy about that.  I won't have to make the long trip to Newport Beach unless I opt for a 3rd transplant. P.S.  The only small complaint I would have is that when I arrived in the AM and was signing my paperwork I was instructed that it would be "highly suggested" that I purchased Dr. Mershkin's shampoo, conditioner, saline solution to help with the scabbing, and another shampoo that should be diluted with water to help with washing my hair in the first couple of weeks.  I'm sure all these products are excellent and will help with my HT success, but after spending over $5000 on the transplant it would have been nice to not have to spend another $100 on these things when I show up.  I feel it should be included if they are offering it.  Granted, I didn't have to buy them, there wasn't a "hard sell", but I was still a little put off by that.  Small issue but wanted to bring it up.  Ultimately I did buy them and figured what was another $100 if it will help in anyway to give me a better result.