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Posted :1/8/2015

I've finally made it to the end of the "Ugly Duck" phase.  It seems so much longer than 3 months have passed, the time seems to have crawled by.  I'm hoping for big gains in 2015.  So far I really don't see much difference, aside from my natural (and 1st HT) hair growing out.  I remember with my first transplant I was able to see the baby hairs beginning to pop out...I don't see as much now but that might be because of have the transplanted hair (from my first HT) in the way.  I know with my first transplant I had some big gains from 3-5 months, so I'm hoping the same thing will happen now. I've finally been able to ditch the hat with the help of Dermmatch (which is nice, I was getting sick of wearing hats EVERY day).  I'll will post again at 4 months.

3-months - 3 months left side

3 months (left side)

3-months - 3 months right side hairline

3 months (right side hairline)

3-months - 3 months front

3 months (front)