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Posted :1/13/2010

hit the 6 month mark and overall am happy with where i'm at so far, but still hoping i have more growth coming.  i have a hairline that i didn't have before but the denisity still leaves a lot to be desired.  very thin upfront but i do have enough to "fake it" and make my hairline look a lot thicker than it really is.  i'm really hoping the hair thickens up over the next several months, if that happens i'll be extremely pleased.  as it is right now i'm happy with results so far as long as things don't stop or slow down here.  still using rogaine foam twice daily on crown, still taking generic propecia once a day and going in for laser treatment once a week at dr.'s office. 

this is hair dry, no product or concealor

6-month-post-ht - top after styling with light concealor

top after styling and with light concealor (dermatch)

6-month-post-ht - right side after styling with some

right side after styling and with some light concealor (dermatch)

6-month-post-ht - 6 month post ht. right out shower

6 month post ht. right out of shower, wet hair. hair doesn't look this thin once it's dry but wanted to be consistant with previous photos taken directly out of shower

6-month-post-ht - left side after styling with light

left side after styling and with light concealor