henry_chinaski's - Profile page Day-2

Posted :10/13/2014

just thought I'd do a quick update. Took shower today and washed hair for first time post HT. Did as Dr. Meshkin advised and used his diluted shampoo, pouring on head and gently patting. Dried with clean towel also gently patting. I've been spraying saline solution every hour on grafts and started using witch hazel and neosporin on donor scar twice a day. My donor scar is above each ear this time (previous HT donor scar was across back of scalp and lower). So far no real pain although I have been keeping up with Vicodin when needed. Mostly just feel the tightness from donor area. I was able to out to a movie today with my wife (wearing a hat) and felt fine.  I go back to work tomorrow but am lucky that wearing a hat is fine in my line of work.  I'm keeping the remaining hair longer for now and then in a couple of weeks I'll decide if I can comb it forward or will just have to buzz it all.