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Posted :12/18/2009

Things seem to be moving along.  I can definitely see the makings of a nice hairline, it is very well defined now just waiting for the density and thickness to get better.  I'm pretty happy to see where i'm at for 5 months and am hoping things keep progressing as they have.  When I use some concealor and hair product I get a good idea of where I will probably be once everything is said and done.  I'm still going in for laser treatment 1-2 times per week, rogaine foam twice a day and generic propecia daily. 

ht-5-months - 4 month photo for comparison.

4 month photo for comparison.

ht-5-months - 5 months just out shower.

5 months, just out of shower.

ht-5-months - 5 months with light concealor some american

5 months with light concealor and some american crew "fiber".