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Posted :9/22/2014

Thought I would post some pics before I go in for my 2nd HT.   These photos are straight out of the shower and then some with concealor to show the difference.
I went in for first HT in July 2009 with Dr. Kenneth Siporin and received 1500 grafts to frontal region.  I was happy with the hairline I recieved but was hoping for more density.  I need to use concealor to achieve a fuller look.  I am hoping that with the 2nd HT I will not need the concealor anymore and will have density to go with the hairline. 
I am going in on October 10th for an add'l 1500 grafts with Dr. Mike Meshkin and will post my progress monthly. 

pre2nd-ht - with concealer

with concealer

pre2nd-ht - another after concealer

another after concealer

pre2nd-ht - less wet. right out shower.

less wet. right out of shower.

pre2nd-ht - one more...wet with concealer

one more...wet with concealer

Looking forward to 2nd HT and hope to leave the concealer behind.