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Posted :9/15/2009

The surgery went great.  It lasted from about 8am - 3pm with my choice of jimmy johns at lunch.  I felt the sedative right away, and actually fell asleep for about 40 minutes while Dr. Harris was removing the strip in the back.  I ended up watching 2 movies and some CNBC throughout the day.  The whole thing was a breeze and Dr. Harris and his staff were very professional, nice and make me very comfortable.   Since I kept my hair longer (about 1 1/2"), the cut in the back can't be seen - but it's about 6" long in the back.  In the end I had 1679 graphs put on both sides and some in the middle to thicken it up.
The whole process couldn't have gone any better.  Later, when the Novocain in my head wore off it started to hurt, but the pain pills came in handy. Dr. Harris also called that night around 9pm to see how I was doing    I watched back to back episodes of Family Guy that night, which wasn't a good idea because it hurt when I laughed.  

immediately-after-surgery - cut cant be seen - its

cut can't be seen - but it's around 6"

immediately-after-surgery - left side

Left Side

immediately-after-surgery - right side

Right Side