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Posted :3/5/2015

At week 15, I took these pictures in ambient light in my kitchen and living room.

15-weeks-post-surgery - i wore lot hats until this

I wore a lot of hats until this week. I acquired a nice fedora and baker boy hat collection. Even though my hair was still diffusely thin, and the hair was kind of wispy and lighter in color, and my scalp was still visible, I was happy to go without a hat.

15-weeks-post-surgery - this angle kind hides scalp

This angle kind of hides the scalp in shadow. The scalp is more visible that it looks here.

15-weeks-post-surgery - this is good view how hair

This is a good view of how the hair looks in a neutral light.

15-weeks-post-surgery - again in stronger light scalp

Again, in a stronger light, the scalp is more visible, but its coming in...