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Posted :4/28/2016

I'm very happy with the results so far, especially the hair line.  There was vertex hair loss some time after 6 months, and it did not grow back.  Overall, I'm able to comb over this.  Overall, very happy.

17-months-post-op - august 10th 2015. 50th birthday

August 10th, 2015. 50th Birthday - here with my oldest son.

17-months-post-op - dancing with my wife.

Dancing with my wife.

17-months-post-op - in bc with my three sons.

In BC with my three sons.

17-months-post-op - boating in bc with family.

Boating in BC with family.

17-months-post-op - with good friends.

With good friends.

17-months-post-op - in my stereo room.

In my stereo room.

17-months-post-op -