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Posted :12/26/2009

10-days-later - donor line. the neosporine ointment

Donor line. The Neosporine ointment makes it more visible. I go back to work a week after the rest of the staples are removed and will switch to the Neosporine cream. I think that will make things less visible.

10-days-later - still little crusty. i combed hair

Still a little crusty. I combed the hair back after putting aloe in to try to make things more visible. I'm still experimenting with the best way to take the pics.

10-days-later - another pic with no flash i think

Another pic with no flash but I think the flash shows more. For some reason my head looks more round or something compared to the flash pic, but I used the same lens... now that I think about it, I think I set the cam to macro mode in the flash pic. I also think the pic might be taken at a slightly different angle and not as straight on as the flash pic. It also looks like only one focus zone was used, focusing only on the natural hairs I have left in front.

Nothing much has changed since the 8 day mark.  The donor sides are still a little tender when applying neosporine around the remaining staples, but not as much as before.  I can't wait to get the rest of the staples out.  I have some slight itchiness around the staples in the back.  I have been gently washing the grafts with my hand and applying aloe.  I think the rest of the crusts will be gone in the next few days.  Still sleeping in the recliner with a neck pillow.  I notice a little tightness if I bend my head far and look down.  I'm trying not to move my head at extreme angles, left, right, or down.