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Posted :4/4/2010

I took these pics back at the 2 month mark (Feb 14), but am just getting them posted today.  Again all I had was my cell phone cam.

2-months-9-weeks - hard to take these pics by myself.

Hard to take these pics by myself. Still red but better than it was.

2-months-9-weeks - not much change 1 month mark.

Not much of a change from the 1 month mark.

2-months-9-weeks - i tried different lighting

I tried different lighting

2-months-9-weeks -

Not much of a change from the last pics I have at the 1 month mark.  The donor site might not be as red, but no new hair yet.  Things seem to been healing up nicely.  I was getting spots of blood on occasion from the donor site, but nothing that lasted more than a day or 2.  Never any pain.  I think it was mostly due hair trying to poke through the incision line due the the trico closure that Dr Konior uses.  One thing I found out regarding the inflammation and itching I experienced before... I think it had to do with the Neosporine I was using.  I was using the maximum strength with pain relief, when I switched to the regular stuff the itchiness and redness drastically decreases and within a few days was gone.  It still itched a little but I mostly on the weekends when I put neosporine on the donor site day and night.  I was still careful how I slept and washed my hair.  I am finally going to sleep at night in my bed and not first falling asleep in the recliner.  I sleep up high on the pillow with my shoulders resting on the pillow so I keep my neck more straight.  Couple things I wanted to add... I just started working out again.  I waited 2 months so I did not disturb the donor area and stretch anything.  One of my concerns since the beginning was the resulting scar, so I did all I could to try and not stretch it or make it worse.  I also started using Rogain Foam every night.  I waited longer than recommended, but I did not want to use it too soon until everything was completely healed.