louie's - Profile page 2-Weeks

Posted :12/29/2009

2-weeks - i was hoping this pic would show donor cut

I was hoping this pic would show the donor cut a little better but the flash makes it hard to see. Someone else held the comb and it looks like they might have held it a little high. I should have had one taken without a flash also but we were in a hurry.

2-weeks - a lot scabs are gone now things are still

A lot of the scabs are gone now, but things are still a little crusty. I keep looking in the mirror and imagining how it will look when all the transplanted stubble has grown in.

2-weeks - you can see little blood where last staples

You can see a little blood where the last of the staples were just removed. Of course it's also all goopy from the Neopsorine.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks already.  I had the last of the staples removed today.  It feels so much better now.  Easier to clean and I hope more comfortable sleeping now.  I still plan to sleep one more night or 2 in the recliner though, with the neck pillow.  All the staples came out pretty painlessly.  Dr Konior said everything looks great and I did a good job at keeping things clean, and the donor cut moist with neopsorine.  It looks like the pics are still not the best.  I can not really see how good the pics look until later when I get them on my computer.  I will probably take the pics at longer intervals from now on, mostly at the month marks.  I go back to work in 1 week and plan to trim my hair a little, it's the longest its been in years, but I'm a little nervous cutting it too short and making the donor line visible.  Right now I don't think anyone would see it, but I work in an office environment with bright florescent lights so I can't go too short yet.