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Posted :6/22/2010

Just took these pics last weekend.  Again same as before.  I still need to get a styled pic and one with nothing in it.  I am using some aloe and combing it back to show more of whats happening.  I did find an old pic I remember taking a week or 2 before the procedure.  It's very revealing of where I was when I started.  It's hard to tell myself cause its a slow process, but when I look at this before pic I really see a difference.

6-months -

6-months - i just took this pic to show how short

I just took this pic to show how short I am cutting my hair now. I am using a 1/2 inch thing on the clippers which is a no. 4. I think I will be able to go a little shorter once the donor line fades completely.

6-months - heres pic sort how i style it.

Here's a pic sort of how I style it.

6-months - i found this pic other day after taking

I found this pic the other day after taking some pics with my camera and looking for them. I forgot I took this one. It really shows where I started.

6-months -

6-months -

I will add some styled pics and pics without anything in my hair.  These pics make the hair look thinner due to the aloe and bright light, but I think they give a better view of where I am at.