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Posted :12/23/2009

8-days-later - same pic with flash which course shows

Same pic with a flash which of course shows more of the Neosporine goop.

8-days-later - i figured pics without flash might

I figured pics without a flash might make the grafts more visible, but I'm not sure it does.

8-days-later - i tried to gently comb hair back so

I tried to gently comb the hair back so more of the grafts are visible, but it looks like I did not do it enough.

8-days-later - here is donor area with half staples

Here is the donor area with half the staples removed yesterday.

Here I am at the 8 day mark.  I had half the staples removed yesterday.  Only 1 pinched, rest I hardly felt.  I did not do any soaking in warm water before I went like some guys recommend, but I had plenty of Neosporine slathered on to keep things moist.  Dr said things looked great and I did a very good job at keeping things clean.  I cleaned my head 3 times a day... just a cup of soapy water poured over the grafts, and gently with shampoo and fingers on the donor area.  I go back in 1 week to get the rest of the staples out.  I can't wait.  I think I will just keep sleeping in the recliner with the neck pillow until then.  I noticed a lot of the redness is gone but still some scabs visible.  I am still only using a cup of soapy water to pour over the grafts a few times a day to clean, but I did gently put some aloe on the grafts tonight after the final cleaning for the day due to it being so dry and the skin flaky.  The Dr said I could gently wash the grafts more with my fingers, but since I'm still a little nervous he said it won't hurt to wait a few more days.  Again, this is my first procedure and I have reasonable goals... even out the hairline and fill things in more up front.  I will more than likely have another procedure in the future to fill in the crown and maybe bring the hairline down a tad, but honestly, compared to what I started with, if everything comes in as planned I would be pretty content with just that.  I have always had a high hairline.