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Posted :2/17/2009

2-months-post-op - side view hairline taken in early

side view of hairline taken in early Feb 09. I've noticed no change since Dec 08 transplant though I regularly shave the hairline back. I haven't shaved my hairline in a few days and I can see a few hairs sprouting though they may be hairs that were already present prior to procedure.

2-months-post-op - feb 17 20095 days after fue procedure.

Feb 17 2009,5 days after fue procedure. I kept the area moist by cleaning the strip area 3x daily for first two days and coating w/ antibacterial ointment. Most scabs and hairs have shed and thus you see just the scar. I lost a few grafts while sleeping, though based on research and information provided by my doctor, I'm confident most grafts are in tact.

2-months-post-op - pre fue procedure into donor scar..

pre fue procedure into donor scar.. Photo was taken in early Feb 09. You'll notice in post op photos that the scar appears wider which is of concern to me. I have a post op consultation with my surgeon today and hopefully he can explain the wider scar.