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Posted :2/16/2009

Had my first hair cut this evening since my hair transplant.  When barber first saw me he thought I had a light rash in the recipient area (still some healing going on).  I explained what I had done.  He thought it looked good, so far.  But, like me, will reserve final judgment.  He had difficult time locating the donor scar.  He said it was red but looked good for this time frame.  He thought it would be a non factor down the road.
Two people now know I had the procedure.  One, my friend who went with
me, will say it looks great when all is said and done. She is very
supportive.  My barber, however, will be brutally honest. It will be
good to hear his perspective as well as have her support.

first-hair-cut - this was taken 2/19/09.

This was taken 2/19/09.

first-hair-cut - this was taken 2/18/09 - two days

This was taken 2/18/09 - Two days after my first hair cut since the HT.