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Posted :3/3/2015

Regulars on this site might
recognize me as nyhair and rather than dance around that I thought I'd address
it so the rest of my blog can be trusted. I created that profile originally
when I decided to have an HT with Dr. Rahal. When I called that off (partially
personal family issues but also second thoughts on FUT) I decided to
reinvestigate FUE.  At the time I did not want to do so under the same
name as I thought it might come off as a negative judgment of Dr. Rahal and
nothing could be further from the truth; I think he is one of the top 5 HT
surgeons in the world and his rep Chad and patient coordinator Larissa could
not have been more supportive.

However I accepted a last minute
cancellation for a surgery 6 weeks out and as the date closed in started to get
some second thoughts. First and foremost as I did my scalp laxity exercises I
realized my rear scalp laxity sucked. I also did some more research by HT docs
who had done studies and clearly there was much to be gained by 3-4+ months of
scalp exercises. Not only would I very much NOT be into doing that after doing
them for a week only, I realized that I stood a good chance of showing up in
Ottawa and not having the laxity needed for the 3900 grafts I was recommended.
Since I am really in this for one and done, ending up with a 3000 FUT or a 2000
FUE (which I had written off at that time) did not seem like good

I also started to rethink FUT as the
date approached. In part this was triggered by seeing some FUE results by Dr.
Reddy which showed great yield. I did a little spreadsheet of all his published
HTs and saw his follicle to hair ration was HUGE, averaging around 2.75. This i
in contrast to most FUEs ranging from 1.75 to 2.25 at best. It started to occur
to me I'd rather get 7k hairs with 2.5k FUE and no scar then 7000 hairs with a
4k FUT and a scar since if the HT was not satisfactory in the former case I'd
have more donor hair left and more scars.

An accident at home I had to take
care of was the coup de grace on the whole decision making process and I
managed to cancel in the 3 week time frame. Clearly I was both relieved and
disappointed. Relieved because I would not be doing a FUT I had not properly (IMHO) prepared for, disappointed because I would not finally be getting my HT and with one of the world's best at that.

a-disclaimer - fibonacci. who is he to tell us where

Fibonacci. Who is HE to tell us where our hairline should be? ;)