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Posted :3/3/2015

A note on hairlines; I am VERY picky about them having studied results and also real world hairlines. 

Temple Points: I find temple points/temples to be key to a good HT as many I don't like don't address those and just address the front/top and to my eye do not work as well. I also like a more natural (zig zag, imperfect) hairline. I'd as soon give up some crown density for some midline density and am fine using 400 or so 1 hair follicles to build a great temple line.  As I see it the temple point is pretty straightforward; the hair by the side of the ear (say two finger widths wide) traverses straight up until it reaches just above the eyebrow at which point it angles or curves fwd until it reaches the back of the eyebrow maintaining the two fingerwidth distance but now above it and then once again continues it's mostly upward path (sometimes angling back) until it meets the hairline.  Like many other body and facial aesthetics this is a sign of a healthy and attractive hairline.  Note that many HTs you see you do not like are probably missing this element and therefor the framing doesn't work from the site or the front as well as it should and makes the reconstructed hairline look unbalanced and unsupported (IMHO of course)


Age Appropriate: I think age appropriate means getting the best hairline you can keeping in mind future loss and donor. Otherwise a 30,40,50 year old shouldn't 'look' any particular way. Our lives all take different paths. Due to the aforementioned life detour, I am for all intents and purposes a late 30s entrepreneur entering an exciting dynamic time of my life surrounded by dynamic exciting and excited people and I want a hairline that reflect that (since that is what I had before all this started). Dr. Erdogan seems fine with all of this having read my descriptions and seen my mock-ups. I am every excited to have found and chose him as my one time only hair transplant surgeon to kick off my new life.

Density: I've started to reconsider my opinion on frontal density at the expense of midline or even crown as it bgecomes clear to me that alot of the density or illusion of same comes from the hairs behind the hairline being reasonably dense and blocking light.  Also midline density helps 'prop up' hairline for various styling options.

Irregularity: Each Dr. has their own style for this, some au natural, some forcing the issue with zig-zags, some with razor sharp and perfectly shaped via laser traced edges. Me, I prefer natural, imperfect and even asymmetrical. I'd like that naturalness at the expense of perfection. I mean everything else about me is perfect and my hair won't stand out if it is as well.  Dr. Erdogan tends towards perfect hairlines but I have asked for some irregularity and he will try to accommodate that.


my-thoughts-on-hairlines - boy is james brolin inappropriate.

Boy is James Brolin inappropriate. He looks pretty weird and crappy with that hairline. Avoid an HT that makes you look like this, it is highly inappropriate. Shame on him.

my-thoughts-on-hairlines - now thats what i call temple

Now that's what I call temple points

Even better temple points

my-thoughts-on-hairlines - left are perfect hairlines

Left are perfect hairlines, right are imperfect. Two very different styles, both totally valid, my preference is to add a little imperfection vs perfection. Question: is it harder for a surgeon that does imperfect hairlines on purpose to do a perfect one instead or vice-versa?