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Posted :8/3/2008

These are the pics that first made me go " s### I am going bald " hahahha
F### that ! after two years on meds and 2100 crown grafts 9 months ago , look at my turn around and these aren't staged pics with flattering lighting , nope these are harsh outdoor in the sun pics to show honesty .
I want guys to see these pics and realise what can be achieved with a combination of meds and a world class hair transplant.
the older pics aren't best quality but you can clearly see just how bald I was going .

then-and-now--meds-and-9-month-old-ht - march 2006

March 2006

then-and-now--meds-and-9-month-old-ht - february 2006

February 2006

August 2008

August 2008