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Posted :10/19/2006

So, this is the exciting part.  Hairs are sprouting out of at least 40% of my implanted pockets.  New holes are filling in with miniturized hairs every day!  My hairline is forming!!  No way to express how empower this is to know you made the right decision.  Still very early, and sprouted hairs are not fully developed but the progress is unmistakable, particularly in personal.  I am hopeful things will get better and better as we move forward!

10-19-06-week-7-8 - styled shot after haircut.

Styled shot after a haircut.

10-19-06-week-7-8 - front shot to see progress.

Front shot to see progress.

10-19-06-week-7-8 - close up wet shot with focus progress

Close up wet shot with focus on progress and new hairs

10-19-06-week-7-8 - wet shot. thought this was good

Wet shot. Thought this was a good one to show the hair wet with progress to this point.

10-19-06-week-7-8 - messy unwashed shot hairline is

Messy, unwashed shot but the hairline is forming!