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Posted :3/14/2011

2461 grafts. I needed an extra valium initially, but then I basically passed out and failed to watch the movies I requested. Dr. Shapiro gave me an extra shot of the anesthesia above my left eyebrow given the existing scar.

post-op - other side. donor area visible. we decided

Other side. Donor area visible. We decided to use a slightly asymetric donor strip - longer on the side opposite my existing scar, given better laxity (stretchiness) of the skin there. This will work well w/ my relatively conservative, asymmetric hairstyle which I hope to keep.

post-op - new grafts. lots redness. minimal bleeding

New grafts. Lot's of redness. Minimal bleeding - can't be a bad thing I guess. You can see he intentionally left the temples to show the hair receding, as I requested. He was able to work through my existing hair as I asked. He buzzed more of my native hair in the back and on the sides to fill in some areas. He said he could only do a density of 20 per square cm around the existing scar, but that's still better than my current density of 0 there

post-op - side view

Side view