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Posted :3/13/2011

Before surgery my hair was thinning significantly all over. Additionally, I have a scar that runs to the top of my head along which I have no hair (scar is not the result of any HT procedures). When I was younger, I could cover this scar with the right hairstyle. Now I have difficulty doing so. My hairline is roughly intact, with slight receding at the temples.
I asked Dr. Shapiro to cover the scar and to work through my existing thinning hair w/ new grafts. I asked him to match my left temple (right side of pic) to my right, showing the receding hair, but not to rebuild it. I feel this best prepares me for additional future hairloss, and I'm not trying to look like I'm 20 again.

pre-surgery - in this picture you can see my native

In this picture, you can see my native hair in front, sides, and back, which I keep reasonably long. In the middle, you can see where I have buzzed down my hair in preparation for surgery. Throughout the top of my head I have a native density of between 20-30 hairs per square cm (according to the doctor). On the right, you can see the scar.

pre-surgery - damp hair showing thinning scar

Damp hair showing thinning and scar

pre-surgery - side view scar

Side view of scar