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Posted :1/31/2009

Here are some 2 month photos
As you can see, my scar is undetectable.  Aside from the occasional itch, it seems like nothing has ever been done, and looks that way also, which is great news.
I suffered some shockloss at about the 5 week point as many of the transplanted hairs fell out.  At this point, I can see that some of the remaining transplanted hairs are starting to grow.  In the last week, I've been feeling some "movement" on top for lack of a better word, and also getting some pimples.  I'm hoping this is the beginning of those newly transplanted hairs settling into their new part of my scalp and getting ready to do some serious growing.  I realize it's way, way early yet.    Many posts I've read from others at this point say (like Tom Petty), the waiting is the hardest part, and so that's where I'm at.  
I'll post at 3 months and hopefully my growing will start soon.  Questions,comments welcome anytime.

2-month-photos - frontal under flash close up

frontal under flash, close up

2-month-photos - it almost looks if middle behind

It almost looks as if the middle, behind the forelock is starting to thicken a little.

2-month-photos - heres pic donor scar. you can barely

Here's a pic of the donor scar. You can barely even see it.