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Posted :1/22/2018

Well, looks like the waiting is finally over. For anyone considering having a HT done, I think the initial wait is the most frustrating part. I was fortunate this time that I saw very early growth around the 3 month mark and it's been progressing well since. So since the 2100 graphs I had were basically all in the front, I havent bothered to take too many pics from different angles since what I was looking for was to outline the face.  It's funny now having this huge crop of hair in front that I havent had in 25 years. I'm always playing with it in the car mirror and my teenage daughter keeps asking me. "Dad,how are you going to style your hair today?"  We get a good laugh out of it. Long and short of it is that yes, it's a lot of money, but I feel a lot younger.  I've started to get a fair amount of compliments socially. Although I have not encountered the direct "Hey, what happened with your hair." All in all, life is good.  Very little numbness at this point in the donor area or the recipient area.  It does take some time for the numbness to go away.  You can barely see my scar even if you are digging for it which is great. Many thanks to Dr's. Bloxham and Feller.  If I ever have another one done, I will be going there for sure. Please feel free to comment or email if you have questions, thoughts, etcThanks for followingTradermike67 

6-months-post-op-pic - here is 6 month photo front

Here is a 6 month photo from the front

6-months-post-op-pic - 6 months different lighting

6 months (different lighting)