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Posted :6/19/2014

I did an online consult with Dr. Konior, with an eye toward an October date for a second surgery.  I sketched out the hairline below, which he said was possible and reasonable, and estimated roughly 1,500 to 2,000 grafts to complete.  He was comfortable with the level of aggression given my age and the extremely dense and healthy native hair.  (He met me in person in March and said I had very thick and coarse native hair.)  

I'm flying out to visit him in late July just to do a thorough inspection before I move forward with this strategy, given that I'll be 3,000 to 3,500 grafts in the hole afterward at age 32, but absent any alarming finding, I'll be getting a second procedure in October.  

consult-with-dr.-konior - proposed hairline left

Proposed hairline (left)

Density behind transplant

consult-with-dr.-konior - proposed hairline front

Proposed hairline (front)

consult-with-dr.-konior - proposed hairline right

Proposed hairline (right)

consult-with-dr.-konior - current hairline closeup

Current hairline closeup