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Posted :2/16/2014

So, I've decided to take the plunge again and book a second procedure.  This time, I'll be flying to Ottawa to visit Dr. Rahal.  My procedure date is June 6, 2014, and I'll be getting 1,500 grafts via FUT.  We're addressing three things: 1) lower the temples a bit; 2) beefing up the density of the first procedure; and 3) adding some "finesse" to my transplanted hairline--more single-hair grafts to soften the look, etc.  Basically, I want a denser, slightly lower hairline and Dr. Rahal's artistry.  I've attached a picture with very rough lines where the hairline will be lowered.  The circled area indicates what needs the most beefing up in terms of density.
I realize that this is a pretty ambitious use of grafts; I'll be 3,000 grafts in the hole after this go-round, used in a relatively small area.  I feel comfortable with this for a couple reasons: I'm treating my loss extremely aggressively (finasteride, dutasteride, Rogaine, and RU54881), I'm in my thirties rather than my mid-twenties of something like that, my loss is extremely stable, and my loss since my last surgery is so slight as to be unnoticeable (and God knows I look).  I realize, of course, that at some point I'll probably have to address this again as I get older, but with dutasteride and finasteride in the mix there's a good chance that my hair will stay in a state pretty similar to its current look for at least 8-10 years, and there's a good chance that a new, more potent treatment will come out by then.  I'm also reconciled to the option of removing and re-placing my existing grafts in 10-15 years, so I can shift the hairline back if need be.  Bottom line is that I'd like a phenomenal hairline with which to enjoy my 30s, and I'm willing to accept a measure of risk.

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