ziggy's - Profile page Night-before-the-2nd-Surgery

Posted :12/21/2008

Hi People.....
Its time again. I have been eagerly waiting for the day. Tomorrow, i go in for my 2nd Hair Transplant surgery with Dr True. I met with him a couple of weeks back and he was kind enough to be flexible with the surgery dates around the holiday season. So what have we decided on...... We are going to do a dense session this time going back to the areas where he had done the earlier hair transplant i.e frontal and the temple area. He is going to add greater density. He will also be working in my mid section as i have thinned a bit there. He is looking at doing 2500 grafts this time around. Wish me the best of luck!! I will try and keep you all posted on a monthly basis with my pics. I know there are alot of people out there looking for hope!! I can tell you, there is HOPE!!! Just decide and go for it. You will not regret it a bittt!!