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Posted :10/18/2008

Its been a year since my hair transplant surgery. My donor area has healed totally. I stopped using Rogaine for a few weeks now. It was not suiting me. I was on Rogaine for about a year. I think that has caused some hair shedding but its more stable now. I had a haircut a week back. These pictures were taken today.

one-year-after-surgery - front profile one

Front profile one

one-year-after-surgery - front profile two. i have

Front profile two. I have a lot more hair in the front now. As part of the surgery Dr True constructed my frontal hairline. In the next surgery we plan to add density to the mid region and add more density to the the temples.

one-year-after-surgery - side profile shot.

Side profile shot.

one-year-after-surgery - front shot three

Front shot three