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Posted :11/23/2011

Hi fellaz,

it turns out I decided to post an update exactly on the 8-month mark. I could have done it earlier but it slipped my mind - which means i did not obsess and fret -- and that is simply because i was satisfied with progress after the first three months. Those were difficult because my head was still sore, there were pimples all over the crown, the scar still hurt. In mid-August I went to the seaside, swam and sunbathed a bit.

Five months later, or 8 months after the surgery, I can tell you with relief that my new hair is quite visible. It has grown nicely and looks really natural. People tend to notice there is something different about me, that I look younger (l like to hear that), but no one has yet pinpointed the reason. Because the hair on the crown looks natural, like it would on someone with a mild hair loss, I feel confident and happy. I continue with minoxydil and procerin pills. I am not sure if they work at all, but the hair looks good,  the 'old' hair seems to have stopped falling out, and because I tried and gave up on Proscar, I think I will continue. I hope the hair will continue to thicken and grow in the next few months.... I've uploaded two pics - because my family is abroad until the end of the year, i had to take them myself and - believe me - taking a half decent shot of your own crown is more difficult than it seems. Anyway, here goes, please be gentle in your comments.

Taken in early November.

taken in early november.