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Age: 42 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3 Email Me

3,500 grafts by Dr. Arocha in Houston

Non-Surgical Treatments:

None so far but I am planning to start Propecia on alternate days and Rogaine and Nizroal shampoo.

My Hair Loss Story

I started experiencing frontal hair loss in my mid-20s. I always knew that I would go for a HT procedure. In my early 30s, I started researching options and first came across the Bosleys and Hair Club and quickly rejected them after evaluating their reviews. Then, I came across this website and found out about Dr. Arocha in Houston. Originally, I selected Dr. Arocha because he was closest to my city but now I feel even if he was not the closest, I would have still selected him for my procedure.

I met with him and Craig first in the January of 2010 where he answered all my questions and told me that I would need a  procedure for 3,500 grafts. I took a long time to decide and went with the procedure in July 2011. The procedure went really smooth. Craig picked me up from hotel the morning of the surgery and the whole day flew by. I followed all the pre-procedure instructions to the T and did not have any complications. Dr. Arocha made the incisions and Mary and Craig planted the grafts. I was done around 430 and then Craig gave me a ride back to the hotel. Later that day, I drove about 6 miles to go eat at a restaurant and did not feel a thing. Before going to bed, I took a pain killer and slept like a baby. I did experience minor swelling in the forehead and later in the eyes but it was gone in about three days. I was comfortable going out without a hat in seven days.

My whole experience was pain-free and smooth and I strongly recommend Dr. Arocha if you are considering a HT procedure. I will post more pictures of my recovery.