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Procedure 1

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On the 27th March after 3 months on the waiting list, I took the plunge. I Had 3556 Grafts. After talking with Dr Path I suggested to have a 2nd HT if possible so that we do not do 4500 or so in one session, this way we shall spot where the scalp needs more density and adjustments before the next procedure (hopefully).

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Tried, minoxodil 5%, got worse, tried laser hair comb, but did not see results or may be I was not patient enough to continue the combing my head with red lights. I do not know if it really works?

I stopped all kind of medication, I do not want to stay on drugs all my life.

I am more interested to search on things like scalp exercises, I’ve seen conversations about tight scalp as related to hair loss. I would like to investigate this subject more. Also there’s Yoga for hair, it will be nice to know that some movements like the head stand (reverse) would cause more flow to the scalp, I do that for minute when I wake up and 1min before sleep. I am also trying to learn about neck massage which would help irrigate the top of the head with blood which in turn would feed up those helpless hairs. It looks like wishful thinking but seriously it won’t harm to try, and above all it’s for free.

My Hair Loss Story

I had a full head up until late 30s, I started seeing some shedding and thinning on the temples. It started getting worse with time, and this affected me a lot. Not interest to go out. No swimming pools or beach, and started to lose my confidence. I became so shy despite having a lot of potential. That's when we think about those who have no hair problems and they just take that for granted, not knowing how lucky they are.

The hair actually frames the face and depending on individuals, some really have there looks completely changed and I am among these category. Now I decided to step forward and made up my mind to dive.  I am considering an HT with doctor Pathomvanich. Thanks to this wonderful site I learned a lot. Before the hair restoration network I was thinking to have my procedure done with Alvi Armani. I was attracted to the well designed website he has, after more research and of course when I finally found the hairtransplantnetwork website I was surprised to find out that Alvi Armani is not part of your recommended hair transplant surgeons, especially the other facts, then of course I changed my mind regarding which doctor to chose for my procedure.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Closed up on myself, no interest in social events. Lost my confidence in all aspects. Strange for a few hairs on top of the head what it can do to men...

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?


I am trying to have a healthy diet, gave up white sugar and junk food. I am currently searching and trying to master Scalp exercises to re-grow hair (worth trying).

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I am still in the hardest period, which is the waiting period. Less than 2 months Post Op.  Will see after a while. I am optimistic

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

May be Scalp exercise, I am still investigating.

I also have interest in Yoga for hair....but seems too beautiful to be true ;-)

The cause for baldness is complex and not simple at all

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Not yet, I will update this section.

My general advice and suggestions.

Do a good research before to go for HT. We live only one time, so it is worth a try. Just find a good surgeon.