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Age: 49 | Bald Class: Bald Class 4 Email Me

i have had 1 hair transplant surgery on oct 31, 2006. it was 2,042 grafts. my next is march 5, 2007. that will be another 2,000 grafts.

My Hair Loss Story

my doctor was dr glenn charles. i had my 1st surgery on oct 31, 2006. my 2nd will be march 5, 2007. each surgery is 2,000 grafts. i had the best experience. i was very nervous & the doctor gave me a pill to relax. he & the staff were amazing professionals. they were friendly & did a wonderful job. they truly cared about me. i can't wait to go back on march 5 to get the job finished. surprisingly there was very little pain & time flew by. they bought me lunch & let me watch whatever i wanted from a list of great movies. dr. charles even gave me his private cell # in case i needed to ask a question. thats awesome. my hair is just starting to grow in. it takes a while. 3 months at least to start. everyday it looks better. thank you dr. charles & staff for changing my life.