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Dr. Pathomvanich



Age: 37 | Bald Class: Bald Class 4 Email Me

Consultation (27 July 2011) :: Hair Transplant Survery (28 July 2011) with Dr. Pathomvanich

1 Hair : 871

1.5 Hair : 48

2 Hair : 2031

3 Hair : 138

4 Hair : 355

Total 3443 Grafts

Total Hairs : 6839

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I tried Propecia 4 years back for approximately 6 months N i stopped, after a doctor in Australia told me about the serious side-effect for GUYS.. I was lucky that Propecia did not affect me much but do have a slight impact i believe ~ I was a young man back then.. taking Propecia increases the risk of... Therefore i stopped it.

I tried Minoxidil but however it makes my scalp very very itchy all day long :: I stopped after severe attempt.

Currently, i am thinking of trying Rogaine Foam ~ Based on review it was quite good!

My Hair Loss Story

Feel free to msg me if you have any queries on HT. I will do my utmost to answer your questions based on my experiences n researches.

I am born with a naturally high forehead, it's inside my dad GENE's~! So i believes it's genetics disorder, as all my MALE cousins are suffering the same fate as me. I lived with it for 27 years before i decided to go ahead with a "CHANGE"

My naturally high forehead have been giving me lots and lots of negative comments.. Comments such as "Your hair look like my dad's" "My hairless boyfriend" "You studied so much till you lost all your hair??". I remember once, at hospital while visiting my godpa, there was this uncle who was totally bald, he looked at me and told me "How old are you now? you will look like me in 2 years time.." I felt so insulted.. I am only 27 years old and a 60 years old uncle told me this.. Not only this incident, i got mocked at work by my colleagues, always make fun of my high forehead.. N since young i was being mocked @ for my high forehead..

I realised whenever people talk to me, the 1st place they will look at, will definately be my forehead... sigh.. Hair Loss make me lose my self-confidence N became very introvert.. N worst of all, when you have such high forehead people always look at you with ONE KIND OF pervertic look.. sighs.. ! I came up with a QUOTE.. Ugly people get ugly treatment, normal people get normal treatment and good people get good treatment.. Originated from me :( Things get so bad and i know i need to do something about it.. wearing a wig willn't help me to gain back my self-confidence, so i decided to take the plunge of HT.. Imaging people cutting up your head? Eeeeeks! But for the sake of a better future.. I'm IN..

How has my hair loss affected me?

Hair Loss affected me in my daily life : Loss of self-confidence, extreme introvert, refuse to know girls, affected my career path due to my hair loss i don't have the confidence to persue the career i wanted (I'm a software engineer now, i always wanted to be in the sales team/ financial sector.. I love meeting new people especially people from different culture and background), stayed at home most of the time.. N much more

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia used to work best for me.. But considering the SIDE-EFFECTS which came along with it.. I think oneself should think TWICE before trying.. N also it will depend on which stages of life are you in : Single? Married? with Kids?

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I'm really happy with the BRAND NENW look Dr. Pathomvanich and his team gave me, results wise i am not uncertain as i am still a week old into the Hair Transplant family

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

For receeding hairline : Definately Hair Transplant, forget about anything else, it will NEVER restore your hairline~!

For thining hair : I will recommend LASER treatment, it will significantly improve the thickness of the hair

For constant hair LOss problem : I will recommend Rogaine Foam

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

For now, it makes me look really ugly ~ Cause i am born with a naturally high forehead N given the new hairline. No matter how long my hair is, it's unable to cover the transplanted hair

My general advice and suggestions.

NEVER COMPROMISE when it comes to Hair Transplant ~ Tell the surgeon what you want and NOT let the surgeon tell you what they want you to have.

I went for a consultation at Mount Elizabeth.. the surgeon told me she is not going to bring down my hairline, she don't want me to look like a complete different person. Therefore, she say she will just create more density to my current hairline. I ALMOST compromise to what she said.. but thinking STRAIGHT why should i create more density to my current hairline when it's already so HIGH UP.. I voice this out to her, she suddenly change in tone N say it's not NECESSARY for her to perform HT with me untill we come to an agreement else i can look for other surgeon.. Which i did eventually.

Therefore, my advice will be look for the right surgeon, i am sure if you are thinking about HAIR TRANSPLANT your hair condition must be in pretty bad state.. Therefore, never compromise with surgeon but tell the surgeon what you want. Which is :: "I WANT A CHANGE"