Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Konior



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FUT/Strip, Dr.Raymond Konior. 07/17/2014.

# of grafts: 2953

1's: 595

2's: 1730

3's: 628

# of hairs: 5939

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Rogaine foam twice daily
Nizoral shampoo twice a week
Revita shampoo other days

My Hair Loss Story

I did start thinning my hair when I was about 20 and I remember my friends telling me not to apply gel as they could see my scalp from the top. It was not until I was 24ish when I noticed my front receding and only then did i really start worrying/noticing. I never bothered to look how I might be looking on the top/crown as all I cared to see daily was the front :D. But the last 5 years have been a real change for me as more and more of the hair started thinning where it has reached a stage where I can no longer comb properly. I went from being a guy who used to love being in front of the camera to one who love being only behind the camera for pics and very concious where ever I go.

I've been going over google for hair loss pics for over 3 yrs now and which ever pic I clicked then, it ended up in this forum, and then I understood that this is the alpha and the omega of hair loss information;) I did not intend to have a hair transplant then but when I started going over the forumns, and found that no major side effects were there, i was keen to know if I could be a candidate. I then knew since i have diffused/thinning, I need to choose my doctor carefully and that since I am just 30, I need to be more conservative in my approach. I know its difficult to hold back the want of more hair :( .

Dr Konior's consultation was very smooth. He made sure he put across what he felt was best for me though i was wanting some coverage on my crown if it was possible. He told me to avoid anything on the crown for now. And that 2000- 2500 grafts would be enough for me for now. I remember each time he ran his fingers over my hair, telling me that my donor hair was fairly good and that the sides of the donor were almost as dense as the back. That sounded like an opera to me since I knew I would go into a higher norwood in the older days and this being a lil comforting to me now :D. He also told since I have diffused hair loss, the shock loss would be more if I tried to have a very higher number of grafts which did make sense. I did not know how the one hour flew by in the consultation and he sat there and answered all my questions. I then decided that he would do my transplant.

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