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1900 grafts March 7, 2014

William Lindsey

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My Hair Loss Story

Hair loss accelerated about 5 years ago. I live 45 mins from Dr Lindsey (McClean) and so saw him for a consultation a month ago. I wanted FUE initially but he persuaded me to go with strip. No pressure just that it made sense. 

Ended up having 1900 grafts on Friday March 7th. The whole experience was seamless and I was out at 1.30pm.. 

Thrilled with the result so far and I will post more pics. Initially at my consultation visit dr Lindsey suggested 1200 grafts to augment the temples .......but on the day of the procedure we added an extra 700 to fill in the top bit of hair. Dr Lindsey knew immediately what needed to be done (even noticed my crooked hairline). 

Lindsey's a great guy and earns your trust immediately. There was a connection I felt. He also understands the psychology of a hair loss patient and there is no bullshit whatsoever. I would recommend the procedure and Lindsey to anyone and happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about it. Thanks also to Spex who was great help for reassurance in the decision process.

Now just need to wait and see.